The Creator’s Place provides Lab/Makers Space to create and test products and services; Incubator/Accelerator workshops and Schools to give you the skills to start and grow your business; And a Marketplace/Cafe/Theatre/Event space to test your products and services all in one location.


Our entrepreneurial environment and purpose-oriented mission creates a Sacramento social impact "culture" like no other. Connect and build your business with other like-minded individuals either,  physically in our co-working space or virtually through our Social Media platforms, to help your grow your business AND make a difference. At The Creator’s Place we are focused on equipping and launching innovative entrepreneurs of Faith, Women, Urban and Social Entrepreneurs. 

Lab/Maker Space


An innovative idea is nothing if you don't do something about it! Our maker space provides a place where you can test your product or concept in a laboratory environment, test the market in our marketplace and accelerate your business with like minded artisans and entrepreneurs. We want your startup to become sustainable, make money and grow. But we don't want to just talk about it, we want to empower and support you to Accelerate your business





Every business starts with an idea. The Creator’s Place is for entrepreneurs and start up's who want to affect positive social change. Social enterprises like Compassion Village were born out of The Creator’s Place and the focus on innovative solutions to business and local humanitarian issues. Martucci Music was born out of an artists passion to build a business that supported her love for Music.

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ideas and let's see where we can take them! 

Marketplace Cafe



Execution separates good organizations from great. Test your product and market all in one place! The Lab provides the place to experiment and test your idea/product. The Incubator/Accelerator helps you with the skillset and qualified experts to teach you what works. Then the Marketplace/Cafe give you the place to test your product/service.

Updates & Events