The Creator’s Place is a unique space focused on helping you launch, build and grow your business AND do good in your community. 

The Creator’s Place is focused on Business Incubation and Acceleration helping both startups and existing entities build and/or grow their business. And when your ready, we can help you transition or add a "do good" component to what you do. We specialize in working with entrepreneurs from a variety of cultures, neighborhoods, socioeconomic status, ages and faiths.

We believe that whether you are a nonprofit, socially conscious business, church, or government entity focused on building your business, civic engagement, knowing how to structure your organization is an important step to insuring your vision and mission get off to a good start and save you headaches down the line. 

Whether you are a entrepreneur with an business idea and/or you want to have impact in your community, we offer several workshops to help you get connected, build and grow your nonprofit or business, and collaborative or accelerate existing teams within existing organizations.

  • FREE Introductory Workshop -Monthly, Every 2nd Thursday 6:00 to 8:00 p.m

Attendees can expect to get an overview of the process to take a social impact idea and turn it into a viable start up. Utilizing a personal and corporate discovery process attendees will walk away with tools that can help them move to the next steps of executing their vision. RSVP required.

  • Discover Your Identity -$59 plus the cost of assessments (3 hours, 1 session)
    Prior to date of class, attendees will receive links to several assessments that attendees are recommended to complete prior to the class. Entrepreneurship requires more than a great idea! It requires you to be comfortable in your own skin and know who you are. This workshop will help you understand what character traits, skills and knowledge you have and may need to succeed as an entrepreneur. Note: Completion of this workshop is required prior to being place in a Build and Launch or Grow and Scale cohorts.

  • Evaluate and Validate Your Startup - $199 (6 hours, 2 sessions)
    These sessions are designed for entrepreneurs who have already completed the "Introductory" and "Identity" workshops. Attendees will dig deeper into their initial business plans and will walk away with well-defined why, mission and calling; a well-defined problem and solution statement; a well-defined unique value proposition; and finally, and a customer persona.

  • Developing your Pitch and Pitch Deck - $59 (3 hours, 1 session)
    Attendees can expect to learn how to develop and present successful presentations to further their marketing and potential investor relations. "introductory", "Identity" and "Evaluate and Validate Your Startup" sessions need to be completed prior to this workshop.

  • Build and Launch Cohort -$399 (max 4 people, 8 hours,2 sessions)
    Cohorts will explore in detail their target customer market, how to get your product to your target market and how the "build, measure, learn" model is executed. Attendees can expect to be placed with other entrepreneurs who are at the same place and level of growth providing an atmosphere of learning, testing and growing your idea with a community that can provide valuable feedback. Attendees should have completed the Introductory, Identity and Evaluate and Validate your Startup workshops prior to being place in a cohort.

  • Grow and Scale Accelerator Cohort - $599 (max 4 people, 8 hours, 2 sessions)
    Cohorts of existing business owners will experience the same information provided in the "Build and Launch" cohort except it will be taught from an acceleration approach to existing businesses and teams. Same requirements apply with exception to size which can accommodate larger existing teams and conducted on the employers site.